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Private Coaching


Simply select the number of sessions desired click on the “Sign Up Here” button, register and then let us know your available times using the Contact Us Link

Pricing Packages

  • 1One of our User Group`s most popular features is personalized coaching. Each 30 minute session is designed to address specific topics you feel are most needed to help you become a better trader.
  • 2Our first session is an opportunity for me to learn about your current risk management and strategy techniques as well as assess you current skill levels.
  • 3After our fist session, all subsequent meetings will be focused on specific topical areas designed to accelerate your learning as quickly as possible.
  • 4Utilizing Skype as our connectivity tool, we will actually review and conduct our sessions on your trading platform using your existing trades or potential trade opportunities as a guide and reference point to our training.
  • 5We find this approach greatly personalizes your education allowing you to pick up new skills very quickly. We find meeting twice per month gives people the most efficient path to effectively learning new techniques or simply perfecting existing strategies currently being deployed.