Membership Options

As a Member of both our Trader User Group and Secret Trader Memberships you will be entitled to the following:

  • 1Live Pre-Market session held every Wednesday from 7:30-8:30am NYC Time
  • 2On-going Market Commentary via these Pre-Market Trader Sessions
  • 3Live Weekly Market Watch Sessions every Sunday 8:00pm NYC Time
  • 4All Sessions Recorded for Viewing Anytime from Any Device
  • 5Participation in our Private Members Daily Trading Chat Room

Access to TUG’s Secret Trader:

  • 1Access to all Secret Trader Trades as Executed
  • 2We will be using options as our primary trade vehicle
  • 3Option strategies utilized will be designed to suit all traders
  • 4Each trade will be fully explained so that you know what to do
  • 5You will receive new trade alerts via email or in our Chat Room
  • 6Receive access to all Secret Trader trades taken as they occur
  • 7You will be able to follow all trades, from position open to position close

Foundational Knowledge

  • 1Charting
  • 2Option Basics
  • 3Basics of Option Greeks
  • 4Portfolio Allocations {Covers both Reg-T and PM Accounts}
  • 5Helpful Trading Tips
  • 6Option Strategy Basics
    • aSingle Leg Calls and Puts
    • bVertical Debit & Credit Spreads
    • cWinged Strategies (Flys, Iron Condors and Condors)
    • dCalendars
    • eRatio Spreads/Back Spreads
    • fDiagonals
    • gStraddles & Strangles

Advanced Option Strategies

  • 1Trading Volatility
  • 2Strategy Trade Details
  • 3Futures
  • 4Futures Pair Trades
  • 5Gamma Scalping
  • 6Other Synthetic Option Strategies
  • 7Portfolio Hedging