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Happy Holidays 2019

Hey, everyone, Preston Brent here, you know as we approach the end of 2019; I wanted to take a pause; and to thank all the many thousands of you that enjoy our weekly Roundup series that we put out every week. All of us here at the Trader User Group would like to wish all of you a season decked out with Holiday joy and Glee. And, of course, the best wishes for the New Year, but with family and friends first and foremost, and of course, let’s not forget the best for the coming New Year in the financial markets, which I’m sure are going to offer up twists and turns and more record setting days but together our user group members will navigate them successfully as we did this year. So we hope to see you on the inside for 2020. Have a Season’s Greetings everyone of you and a safe and very Happy New Years.

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