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Oct 252014

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Wow, what a week for the Bulls and the strong finish! Now, will they continue to take over and drive the prices higher, or will the Bears come in and re-establish dominance? Here is my take on the current price action:

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Oct 192014

Hey folks, this past week certainly showed us a lot of price action variability, both up and down. The last two day of the week saw a moderate bounce higher but now the question is this: will the momentum continue or, will the bears take over again and sell into this 2-day rally? Check out this week’s update to get my take on the matter:

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Oct 122014

Hello everyone, we certainly had an interesting week in the markets. We saw back to back days where the S&P 500 moved up for the biggest gain of the year on Wednesday and if that was not enough, it eclipsed that up move with an even larger down move the very next day! We ended Friday’s session with Volatility at levels not seen since December 2012….where will price action go this week? Check out my take in this weeks market round-up below:

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Oct 042014

Hey everyone…what a week! Now the question on most trader’s minds is this; –was this rally on Friday real or, will sellers step in and send us back down to the weekly lows and set the stage for further downside action. Check out my take this week’s price action and where we can go from here.

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Sep 282014

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. This past week we saw a bump in volatility accompanied by larger daily price swings. Even though we finished on a high note this past Friday I am not sure yet the downward move is fully complete. Check out our free video below and get my take on things. For our members I will see you later this even as we look at current sector rotation and how the coming week could shape up.

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