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Aug 102014

Hey Folks, I hope you are enjoying your summer months as they are coming to an end here shortly..and for many of our members your summer months are on their way! As a reminder, our User Group will be on Holiday’s until early September so this will be our last Market Round-up until that time…I will be in Europe on a semi work-holiday trip where I will be giving financial seminars and taking time to enjoy the last days of my summer…typical market activity in August comes with lower trade volume which of course tends to move price action around a little bit more than usual…we had a very nice bounce in price action this past Friday so where do we go from here? Check out this week’s update to get my personal take on the matter…also for those of you non members out there our User Group is growing rapidly so check us out and tell me what you think..we have many ways in which you can join our Group…now enjoy this week’s video shown below:

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Aug 032014

Hello everyone, this past week we saw a return of Volatility in a very big way. In fact, Volatility Futures entered into a Backwardation market with the spot or cash volatility (VIX) moving higher than the August Volatility Futures contract….this is clearly indicative of fear returning to the markets as price action moves down. In addition we saw a large volume spike in contracts traded as the markets moved down this past week. Here is my take on the current markets in the video video below…for those of you that are not members of our User Group I would encourage you to visit our home page and check out our current special offers…we are having a good year and I look forward to finishing the year in solid fashion.

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart


Jul 272014

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good summer where normal trading volume is relatively light and market activity is quiet…well, at least quiet so far as the markets continue moving higher. Now we are coming to a few key inflection points and as my video below will show, we are getting a greater diverence in key market indices. In the past this typically indicates a pull back is near but take a look at my thoughts in the video below:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart


Jul 202014

Hey Folks, first I hope all of you in the US and European markets are having a good summer..and for other markets it is your winter months so warm weather is coming soon!….

Now I am enjoying some needed vacation time so I did not get out an update last week. I will have a few weekly updates until the last few weeks in August at which time I will finalize my vacation with a few seminars in Europe and some more relaxation….then after the early September holidays here in the US we will be back in full action.

Now enjoy this weekly market update!

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart !!


Jul 042014


Jun 272014

Hey Folks, as a reminder, next week is a short trading week as the US markets will close on Thursday at 1 PM ET and all day on Friday. I suspect the markets next week will be trading similar to this week where the volume and the trading range is very tight provided we do not get any unexpected surprises. We will not post a Weekly Round-Up next weekend due to the holidays. Now, on to these markets, please enjoy the update below:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart!