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Aug 012015

Hey Folks, as we finish up the month of July we are seeing the markets struggling to climb higher. In fact looking underneath the covers we can see market participation is lacking. Take a look at this week’s Market Round-Up to get our take on current price action and possible directional bias going into next week.

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Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart!

Jul 302015

wooden chess board with chess pieces on.

Hey Folks,
We had 10 great sessions on Position Management and Trade Adjustment! If you could not attend, then I would highly encourage you to click on the link below and join us for Part XI, this Thursday July 30th 8pm [NYC] time.
By joining this Educational Webinar Series you will be able to view all of our prior 10 sessions before we move on to Part XI on July 30th at 8 PM EST. In this current session we will continue to look at Option Spreads and ways in which they may be adjusted. We will also focus on how you can manage a credit spread leg of an overall Iron Condor trade. We will also look at Calendar and Butterfly adjustments as well. When you sign up for this webinar, you will have access to all prior sessions as well as new upcoming sessions in this Education series.


Jul 262015

Hey Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. The financial markets had an interesting finish to the week with a few solid down days. The question now is this: “will momentum continue to the downside when we open on Monday or will we have another solid rebound that should be bought?” Take a look at this week’s round-up to see what our User Group is looking at:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart!!

Jul 222015


If you are currently using options as part of your trading and investment plans in today’s financial markets then this Educational Webinar is for you.

If you do not understand how to leverage Option Volatility to gain a market edge in your trading plans you are at risk of reduced returns or big losses!

Besides the underlying price movement of an asset, no other market element can impact the price of an Option Contract than Volatility.

Unlike stock, where you are either bullish or bearish, owning an Option Contract adds almost a “3D” element to your trading plans.

For example, if you are bullish, did you know that with Options, you have a diverse set of strategies that you can employ to execute your bias…

But did you know that having a solid understanding of Option Volatility will help enhance your strategy selection.

The continuation of this Webinar series will explore all elements of Option Volatility and help you gain an edge in your Option trading plans.

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See you on the Inside!

Jul 182015

Hey Folks, what an Option Expiry Week! We saw explosions in a few key Technology stocks yet most other equities seem to be in a summer break…Market Breadth defines the participation rate of all the equities that drive Indexes higher (or lower). And in this weekly round-up we take a look at what the current Market Breadth is showing. Also, coming up this Thursday Evening July 23rd at 8 PM EST (NYC) we will have another Webinar Educational Series on Trading Options Volatility. So if you have not joined this series you should do so as this one is very important. Enjoy this week’s update below.

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart!

Jul 122015

Hey Folks, I hope you are all enjoying your summer months! I have been on a seminar tour around Europe and now I am back in the US for a few months before heading back over to Europe for another few months as the summer comes to an end. We need to be careful in these markets with current price action not much changed from our opening price of the year. Our trading has been good and we are clearly outperforming all indexes but we have a number of key market issues that can rear its ugly head and move the markets much lower. Check out this weeks update below. If you are not a member of our User Group I would highly encourage you to come on over and check us out.

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Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart