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I have been a TUG member for a year now and during that time have learned more about trading and more importantly about capital preservation than I ever learned during years of trading or from other mentors, some of whom were much more expensive than TUG. Hal seems to almost love teaching as much as he does trading. He makes his points clearly and concisely but he is always patient and really takes interest in his students. In trading we are always wanting the best return on capital and TUG membership is that, you gain much more from TUG membership than you invest in the membership and the higher the level of membership you choose the more you gain.

B. V

I am a retired investment banker with extensive experience in stocks, bonds, mortgage finance and corporate finance. A few years ago I decided to learn technical analysis and options trading and after investing over $10,000 in education I am, at best, at an early intermediate stage. After taking courses from some of the nationally known providers, I fortuitously stumbled upon TUG on the internet. I sampled a few a la carte courses and sat in on one PMT, and I signed up for full membership just a few weeks ago. Hal is an excellent instructor and his education programs alone are well worth the membership fee. I tend to be a loner, but options trading has humbled me to the point where I realize I need help, and TUG provides a huge support system for its members. In addition to the twice weekly PMT, there is an on-going daily chat room with Hal and other traders offering invaluable guidance and insight. I am so impressed with the value received from joining TUG and grateful that I have finally found the education and support needed for this very complicated field.


Hey Hal …. Just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to say thanks …. Last Thursday, my brother and I were in a shaky trade … your analysis of the market together with your “hunch” suggested an up move at the opening followed-up by a downturn …. Sure enough things opened up – I grabbed my brother out of a meeting – told him what I gathered listening to you and convinced him that we should ditch this bad risk/reward trade …. By 3 in the afternoon, he tells me “your morning guy is looking like a genius on this one” Saved us multiple thousands … I guess the annual traders group fee paid off Enjoy your trip to Europe and have a really good Christmas M.S.

M. Speeney
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