Mar 152015

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a great weekend! We have a very interesting week coming up for the Global Financial markets. The big event this week will be the US FOMC announcement on their US interest rate policy. This has the potential to really move the markets! We also have Triple Option Witching where we have Monthly, Quarterly and Futures Options expiring, which all seems to give the markets a bullish bias all other things being equal. For those those that are non members of our User Group I wanted you to know we are also launching our Secret Trader Portfolio where I am issuing trade alerts I am taking via SMS and via email on a $25,000 portfolio. For now, only members can participate in this service and at a very large discounted fee. This service will be open to non members of our User Group in a few months but if you cannot wait I would highly encourage you to come on board now so that you can participate. Now enjoy my take below on the current market action:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart