Jan 172015

Hey Folks, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. This past week we are still seeing more bears than bulls in the campground. As a reminder, this Monday will be a market holiday for the US so we can expect very light trading volume across most global markets. We also have a key meeting coming up on January 22nd with the ECB as they will announce just how much they are planning on stimulating the 18 countries that make up the Euro. And this is followed by the surprise move by the Swiss this past week to remove their currency’s peg to the Euro at 1.20. This unannounced action has resulted in many smaller currency firms going broke as well as an untold number of traders loosing more than their entire trading account balances! Really a mess for sure. Hopefully many of you will begin to understand and more fully appreciate the meaning of Risk Management! So far in 2015 our User Group trades are in the green and we look to have another really good year. For those of you that are not members of our User Group I would highly encourage you to take advantage of our end of year Holiday special as it will be gone very soon. You can check it out here.Now enjoy my take on the markets and what we can expect for next week. Enjoy!


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