Nov 232014

Hey Folks, I hope you were able to attend our first on line Monthly Market Recap…as I mentioned in my email invite to you earlier, this Saturday Session is completely free for all to attend. Our User Group has been holding monthly on site meetings and seminars since the markets began its downward spiral in Sept. 2008…but as our User Group continues to grow with a World-Wide Audience, I have decided to host these Monthly Sessions on-line for free! Our full time members get additional access to our existing and on-going education as well as our 3 times weekly sessions discussing current market conditions as well as potential trades or current positions I am holding. If you would like to join our group just go to our special offers link in the email that brought you to our blog and sign up…I am sure you will enjoy our User Group! Now, below is the video of our line Monthly Session recap for November…the invite for December’s Session will be sent out in a few weeks. If you did not get this November’s Monthly Session Invite, then please be sure you have registered here on our Blog (registration is free as well)…now, enjoy our session video below:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart