Aug 102014

Hey Folks, I hope you are enjoying your summer months as they are coming to an end here shortly..and for many of our members your summer months are on their way! As a reminder, our User Group will be on Holiday’s until early September so this will be our last Market Round-up until that time…I will be in Europe on a semi work-holiday trip where I will be giving financial seminars and taking time to enjoy the last days of my summer…typical market activity in August comes with lower trade volume which of course tends to move price action around a little bit more than usual…we had a very nice bounce in price action this past Friday so where do we go from here? Check out this week’s update to get my personal take on the matter…also for those of you non members out there our User Group is growing rapidly so check us out and tell me what you think..we have many ways in which you can join our Group…now enjoy this week’s video shown below:

Don’t Be A Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart