Feb 162014

Hey Folks, Happy Valentine’s Day and Weekend! I hope you are all enjoying this weekend with someone special…and now, for the markets check out this week’s update on the financial markets…as you can see, we did buy the dip, but a cautious buy…and we do have profits but now what? We are we going, are what do the charts indicate as our most likely direction? Check out this week’s market update to get our take…also, we have had a large number of you join our user group and are off to a great start for this year…if you are watching these weekly videos and are not a member, you should check us out…2014 will be a very interesting period and one that offers opportunities for us, but not like they did in 2013…so check out this video and come on inside to our user group…until then, enjoy!

Don’t Be a Rat Brain Trader — Trade Smart