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Using Options with Vantage Point



Using Options with Vantage Point
Webinar Title:  Using Option with Vantage Point
Date: TBA
Fee: TBA
Topics Covered:
Using Vantage Point to ID Trends

  • Markets Traded
  • Vantage Point Chart Set UP
  • Proper Scan Techniques
  • Identifying Trade Opportunities
  • Isolating the Best Potential Trades
  • Equities vs. ETF’s vs. Futures

Option Essentials to Effectively Trade Trends

  • Option Basics
  • Option Greeks
  • Option Strike Selection
  • Option Strategies in Volatile Markets
  • Option Strategies in Quiet Markets
  • Trade Duration and Risk ManagementUsing Options
  • Trade Entry and Exit Management

Course Instructor:

Hal Preston Brent has been actively trading for 30 plus years and now is a full time trader and educational specialist managing an international Trader User’s Group.  He actively uses Vantage Point to identify and trade Equities, Currencies and Commodities using Options, Futures and direct purchase of the underlying.  Specializing in using Options to exploit longer term security trends he has successfully navigated the markets thru some of the worst of times as well as during explosive bullish markets.