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Key Vendors


Vantage Point is a unique software package that uses artificial intelligence along with the inter-relationships among securities to trade the markets…using these relationships, Vantage Point uses Predicted (proprietary VP indicators intended reduce the typical lag seen in most technical signals) indicators to help put you on the right side of the trend…I have been using Vantage Point to help me stay on the right side of the trend of the various markets I am trading….should you also have interest in this software product I would suggest you contact Joel Place at 800-732-5407 Ext. 6121 to discuss your options…Trader User Group has negotiated best pricing for all our members who wish to purchase this application…Again, this software package is a part of my traders tool kit and as such I use it daily.

The E-Signal brand has been well known in the active trader community for more than 25 years.  Offered by Interactive Data Corporation, the E-Signal suite of products and services provide global, real time market data and professional level decision support systems to individual investors and active traders’ world wide.   My personal favorite product suite within E-Signal is the Advanced GET Edition and E-Signal Charting.  By joining up with E-Signal you will receive active training and indoctrination into your trading and charting software.  This gives you the confidence to really not only understand how the products function, but also to become consistent in your abilities to become a much better trader.  The E-Signal Advanced GET version is also very unique set of proprietary indicators which include Elliot Waves and scanning software allowing you to fine tune your trade selection.  When you combine both of these tools into a single product set you got a truly unique way to view and trade the markets.  As a Member of Trade User Group we have negotiated reduced rates with E-Signal so when you reach out to them please contact Ray FitzGerald at 800-322-0940.

Founded in 1999, Thinkorswim is my favorite trading platform from which I execute all of my trades.  Even though their history is short, they have grown by leaps and bounds because they continue to focus on what they do best; -delivering powerful easy-to-use trading technology over a wide range of products.  From trading equities, bonds, futures, commodities and of course options from this single platform they continue to get industry awards and recognition; -such as being selected as one of the top trading platforms by Several Leading Investment publications, such as Barron’s.  And just recently, Thinkorswim was acquired by TD Ameritrade allowing them to combine their existing technology into the vast research arm of their parent, TD Ameritrade.  Thinkorswim’s goal is to redefine and set a new standard for the brokerage industry and if you ask me they certainly are on their way to doing it.   For all of our Trader User Group Members when you sign up with Thinkorswim we have negotiated reduced commission rates so that you can keep your trade execution costs down.  When you sign up for their service, please send me an email and I will tell you the correct email text to use with their customer service department so that you can also participate in this program.

Personally I feel if you are serious about trading Options then you must use OptionVue’s software package called OptionVue 6.  I consider it the ultimate options analysis system.  It has been built around professional-level analytics, charting, scanning capabilities, portfolio management and a whole lot more.  The other thing I really like about this software is that is has been designed from the ground up by experienced option traders and has been in the business of providing option analysis for over 27 years.   Using this product allows you to help select high probability trades like a pro while keeping you out of low probability set ups, identify great option trade strategies while also testing possible adjustments during the trade.  And finally, using their Back Trader tool you can recreate any point in time and practice putting your option strategies to work to learn how they react to high and low volatility environments, learn using previous real time data….all in all, the best option analysis software program on the market today.  As a Member of Trader User Group we have negotiated reduced rates to use their products and services so when you reach out to them please contact Tom Belsanti at 800-733-6610.